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The rules for dealing with the COVID pandemic have been relaxed. This has further improved your chances that you will spend your holidays even more unburdened than before, yet in an ambience that takes optimal care of your health. We are eager to maintain this situation in the long term. To this end, we kindly ask you to observe a few rules and recommendations, and in this way help yourself, your relatives, the other guests and the hotel

Entry into Italy

1.  As of Jun 1, 2022 you don't need a green pass (= proof of vaccination or convalescence) anymore, and no negative (rapid) test.

The obligation for digital pre-registration via the digital Passenger Locator Form has been dropped as of 1 May 2022.

Proof of Vaccination or Convalescence; Compulsory Wearing of Masks in Public Areas

2.  The requirement to show a green pass (proof of vaccination or convalescence) has been almost completely abolished (only applies in hospitals and care facilities).

FFP2 masks are still compulsory on means of public transportation (trains, buses, not cable cars). Further regulations or recommendations on the wearing of masks can be issued by company management depending on their suitability.

Check-in, Use of the Hotel

3.  Check-in and the use of the hotel (restaurant, bar,  lounges, garden/pool, fitness room, sauna) are possible without a green pass.

Hygiene Rules in the Hotel

4.  We kindly ask that you wear a mask
compulsory: at the buffet;
recommended: in the common areas in the interior of the hotel whenever you are together in a tighter space with other guests not within your immediate family .

Children up to 6 years are exempted.

In the Case of an Emergency...

5. If you believe that you might be showing symptoms usually associated with a COVID-19 infection (elevated temperature, dry cough, nausea, weakness/fatigue, headache, reduced sense of taste and smell), we urge you to inform us immediately.

Special Terms of Cancellation

7. Our Terms of Cancellation are modified, providing that all cancellations due to official regulations restricting your freedom of travel are always free of charge.

Further Information

This page will be updated regularly. Due to the constant evolution of the situation and of the applicable norms, the information provided here may be out of date and change. The multilingual website of South Tyrol's tourist organisation (www.suedtirol.info) provides updated information on currently applicable coronavirus regulations.

In South Tyrol, you may also call the green number 800 751 751 for all information about the corona virus.


In the interest of offering the best possible, unburdened holiday experience to all our guests, we trust that you will cooperate voluntarily to implement our rules and recommendations (at this point probably quite routine and familiar). I thank you in advance!

Hanni Perwanger and Team

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