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In the face of the Corona pandemic, you are entitled more than ever to spend your holidays in an unburdened and relaxing environment that nevertheless takes optimal care of your health. We are eager to help you in achieving this, through the gentle but serious application of relevant public policy requirements. We ask you to help as well: for the benefit of yourself, your loved ones, other guests, and the hotel.

Until further notice, the following measures apply in our hotel:

1. Our staff will be tested continuously. They have been instructed to wear a protective mask in contact with guests and in the kitchen area, to wash and disinfect their hands frequently and to regularly disinfect all surfaces in the guest and kitchen areas.

2. Rooms are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.

3. At arrival, each guest will receive a surgical mask. We have further masks in stock, but suggest that you bring your own masks and always have them with you. We kindly ask that you wear this mask whenever the distance between you and persons not within your immediate family is less than 1.5 metres (5 feet). This applies in the corridors, in the dining rooms, at the buffet, at the bar, in the sitting areas, in the swimming pool, and on the lawn around the pool.

4. In the dining rooms, in the sitting areas and on the lawn, some spaces have been blocked. You may use the elevator together with another person if that person belongs to your immediate family.

5. The fitness room and the sauna remain closed.

6. We kindly ask you to wash your hands frequently. It is compulsory to disinfect your hands
a) when entering the hotel;
    b) when entering the dining rooms;
    c) after every use of the WC;
    d) before and after playing in the kids' playroom.

Disinfectant dispensers are set up at relevant locations in the hotel. We recommend that you always have your own disinfectant with you. We regularly disinfect door handles and other contact points; however, we ask you to avoid opening doors with your hands in the public areas as much as possible.

7. At the breakfast buffet, you are obliged
-  to keep a distance of 1 meter (3 ft) between you and persons not within your immediate family;
-  to wear a surgical mask.
Dinner is served at the table.

8. If you believe that you might be showing symptoms usually associated with a COVID-19 infection (elevated temperature, dry cough, nausea, weakness/fatigue, headache, reduced sense of taste and smell), we urge you to inform us immediately.

9. Our Terms of Cancellation are modified, providing that all cancellations due to official regulations are always free of charge.

10. In South Tyrol, you may call the green number 800 751 751 for all information about the corona virus.

In the interest of offering the best possible, unburdened holiday experience to all our guests, we trust that you will cooperate voluntarily and unreservedly to implement the (at this point probably quite routine and familiar) measures listed above.  I thank you in advance!

Hanni Perwanger

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